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We cater to most of your needs here at Le Sorellas salon. We offer hair services for the whole family, including several types of extensions, texture services, Brazilian Blowout, and color services. We also offer acrylic and gel nails, pedicures, lash enhancements and extensions, facial waxing, and relaxing facials. 

Every person who works at the Salon is Independent, meaning they set their own hours and prices. Please find which professional is the best fit for your needs and budget. We have a wide variety of prices and each individual can answer your questions more thoroughly when you contact them directly.

General Price Breakdown

These are general prices, not exact.
Each professionals price varies depending on who you choose.

Haircuts + Extensions

-Womens haircuts - $40-$75

-Mens haircuts - $25+

-Senior haircuts - $35+

-Childrens Haircuts - $20+

(age varies with select stylist)

-Extensions - $$

Mandi is certified in Halo extensions. Helen, Perri, Beth, and Shayna are certified in hand tied, tape in, and bead extensions.

Contact them directly for pricing and a consultation.

Chemical Services

-Color - $$

Price varies per professional and custom to your hair and needs. The prices cannot be broken down here on this website, please contact a stylist to get a better quote.

-Perm $80-$125+

Jessica D, Kayla, Heather, & Desiree

-Brazilian Blowout $200+

Mandi, Kristi, Kim N.,

Perri, Leslie & Helen

Nail Services

-Pedicure - $40+

-Manicure - $30+

-Gel Nails - $50+

-Acrylic Nails - $60+

and more!

Please contact - Andie or Kim J.


-Lashes - $120-200+

-Lash Lift and Tint - $70+

-Facial - $110+ 

Eyebrow Wax $15+

and more!

Please contact - Sam, Liz or Desiree 

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